We made one the best decisions when we enrolled our son at Stafford MMA.  He went there during "buddy week" with a friend and loved it.  A few months later his sister joined after trying it out and begged to be signed up.  Liam and Melissa go above and beyond with each and every student.  They keep them engaged and push them to strive for more.  They are fun, caring and yet firm .  You can see the admiration in the students faces as they talk to them.  They help address personal issues the students are having and teach them to apply what they are learning to everyday life.   Self-confidence, loyalty and discipline to themselves, family, friends and school. We are a family at Stafford MMA.  Also my husband joined the adult Muay Thai Kickboxing.  He says it is the best workout he has ever done.  We would recommend Stafford MMA to anyone looking for a great place to learn and train.

‚Äč- Adams Family

Best choice I could have ever made for my little guy.  He was the video game king!  The experience of training and discipline along with respect comes very natural at Stafford MMA.  Liam and Melissa are exceptional with making everyone feel good about themselves and part of the family!  They truly get to know their students. Would highly recommend!

-Joyce B.

I had done the gym thing for several years, but I have never felt stronger and more challenged then I have been the past 8 months.  Liam and Melissa truly take the time to focus on each student.  I am so grateful that I found such a welcoming atmosphere- considering lack of prior training in Muay Thai.  My son (age 7) has also been training for several months has made great physical advances, but he is also is showing a new level of respect and confidence that is truly impressive. I would recommend Stafford Mixed Martial Arts to anyone that is looking to improve their health and fitness levels.

- Bartling Family

I joined Stafford MMA a few months ago with zero martial arts experience.  I signed up for the Muay Thai class and immediately felt comfortable with Liam, Melissa and all of the other students.  It is a great discipline and a fantastic workout.  It has been an all around positive experience and I am very happy with my decision to join.  I am also planning on trying out the Jiu-Jitsu class in the near future.  I would recommend Stafford MMA for anyone looking for a new challenge.

-Brad B.
Being part of the Stafford MMA family for over the last year has been more amazing than we could have ever imagined.  The owners, Liam and Melissa, have a natural way of reaching people where they are and encouraging personal growth beyond that of physical fitness.  We first met Liam and Melissa when our son's Cub Scout Den was welcomed for a class in order to meet a scout requirement.  Our son enjoyed it so much, he asked to go back.  His shyness to new people and situations had us sitting on the sidelines for our return visit, but he couldn't resist the warm, outreaching nature of Liam and Melissa.  We decided to try to go one more time, which quickly turned into a daily part of our lives.  There are not many days that you won't find our son at MMA, because he has found a place that truly makes him happy.  Places like this are hard to find for a child with Aspergers/ADHD, but after seeing how Liam and Melissa are with people/kids it is completely understandable that he feels at home and can't keep the smile off his face while he is there.  Our daughter quickly had the same feelings and started taking classes as well.    The discipline and respect that is demonstrated in few places nowadays, is always at the front at Stafford MMA and has worked wonders for our children.  While this is all a testament to the kind of people that Liam and Melissa are, make no mistake that they run a tight program with great instruction, which is a combination that is almost impossible to find. Amazing people and detail oriented instruction, what more can be said than glad to be part of the Stafford MMA family.

-Sandor Family


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I highly recommend Stafford MMA.  My 16 year old son started going 1 1/2 years ago and now my 8 year old daughter goes as well.  Liam and Melissa are awesome and dedicated in what they do.  Not only do they teach Mixed Martial Arts but also respect and no bullying.  I have been very impressed by the change in my son that I know has come from what he learns from Liam.

-Lauren S.