Values and benefits of private lessons:

  • New students who are nervous to begin a new sport with no past martial arts experience
  • New students looking to get a strong foundation of BJJ or Muay Thai
  • Experienced students looking to attain specific goals in their training
  • Experienced student looking to get back into training but want to knock some rust off
  • SMMA BJJ competitors & fighters looking to step up their training before competition/fight

The great thing about private lessons is that they are always personalized for you.  No matter what your goal is, we make sure you are taking the correct steps to attain it.   All of our private lessons are taught by a Stafford MMA instructor of your choice.  We offer 1 hour private lessons during the weekend and weekends!  Whether you are looking for a Muay Thai or Jiu Jitsu private, we ALWAYS recommend having a partner.  This does 2 great wonders for you! Your lesson just became 50% cheaper and you have a partner to drill with under the careful eye of your instructor. 

For more information as far as pricing, instructor availability, and schedule please fill out the form below or ask us at the academy!